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Get After It

Who's good at excuses?

*raises hand sheepishly*

Here's the thing about excuses...and you probably already know this whether you want to acknowledge it or not. 

They. Don't. Help.

Nope. Maybe you'll feel better for a moment when you have your little self pity party about how hard things are and why things aren't going your way...but then you'll still be in the same spot no closer to where you want to be. 

Here's the thing, I think especially with the current generation (I'm a millennial myself, so I'm allowed to call you out). We are used to things being easy, and instant. The internet, for example. Gone are the days of pulling out the ol dictionary off the shelf and looking up the word you don't understand. I yesterday witnessed a 10 year old child doing homework and the silence breaks as she says, "Alexa, what does hardship mean?". Um...what? Alexa answered, by the way.

So, relate this to the things you want to happen in your life. If we try 10 times, heck maybe even 20 if you're a go getter, and it doesn't work? We whine, stomp our feet, and maybe even quit. Well, guess what? The worlds greatest achievers didn't get where they are by trying 10 times. They may have had 10 successful attempts, yes, but behind those 10 successful attempts are an exponential amount of failures (or lessons, if you will). 

JK Rowling was turned down countless times by numerous publishers when she first wrote Harry Potter...she didn't stop, and now she's sold over 500 million copies worldwide in 80 languages.

Walt Disney was turned down over 300 times when pitching the idea of his theme park. 300 TIMES! Guys, imagine if he gave up and we had to live in a world without freaking DISNEYLAND! (I'm a child at heart okay).

Here's my point. As the owner of a small clothing brand who wants things to blow up, it's a struggle. I've got a vision with Level Up Apparel, some people might not see it yet but the ones that do are gonna be glad they did! I have no shame in saying my countless emails to those I know can help with the growth of this company go unanswered. But guess what? Of those 100 attempts to create relationships, one is gonna work. And in the next 100 attempts, another will too. This applies to you and your dreams as well. You're gonna fail, thats just part of it. But guess what? Take those failures, and build yourself a solid foundation. Now you're starting from experience. Whatever it is you want, if you truly wholeheartedly, obsessively are madly in love with the goal, DO NOT QUIT. Just keep on going. Decide you are capable of achieving your dream, and put in the work. The universe rewards a stubborn heart.

Now keep going and go get those goals, I'm cheering you on! It'll be worth it, I promise.

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