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How To Reach Your Goals

I'm a self proclaimed 'self-help' junkie. I've spent many years reading the books, listening to podcasts, going to seminars and conferences...but guess what? My goals still seem far off in the distance, lightyears away and unrealistic. I had to have a major reality check and come to terms with why these goals weren't coming into fruition. Do you also have this problem? Maybe my discoveries can help you too.

You know what's a really tough realization? Understanding that YOU alone are the reason your goals aren't happening. YOU are personally responsible for the success or failure of those big 'ol dreams. It's not at the fault of your past, your struggles, the system you're following that 'doesn't work', it's not your parents fault or societies fault or the fault of the crappy economy. Nope. It's up to YOU and YOU alone. For me I had to realize that studying and learning only goes so far if you don't actually take action...seems simple, right? But here I was spending years lying to myself that I was 'trying' and was being productive when really, I wasn't. Nope, not one bit. I felt sorry for myself that I was trying to hard and nothing was happening. I was meditating, reading, listening, drinking the damn self-help kool-aid. But not surprisingly if you don't actually take action towards what you really want, nothing is going to happen...maybe you're reading this and going 'duh' Maddi how did you not know this? Well, I know I'm not alone. Because I can promise you that out of all of those other young hopefuls buying the stack of highly recommended business books, not all of them become millionaires or extreme successes in their field either.

My advice? Start. Just do something. Even a small amount of action is tremendously more productive than thinking about it. Don't wait til tomorrow. Til you're ready (are we ever really ready anyway?). You want to start a business? Start it. You want to travel the world? Book the plane ticket. You want to quit your job and do what you really want? Then freaking do it and stop talking about it. The time will never be just right, you'll never feel ready or think it's the right time. Just go on ahead and take those big leaps. You might fall on your face...but you'll get back up and be proud of yourself for trying. Don't give up. Do the dang thing. You'll be happy you did.

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