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That 'Little Voice'

You know the 'little voice', don't you?

I'm inclined to picture an angel sitting on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The angel gives you the 'pep' talks, the 'build you up' talks, the 'you got this' talks. They are there, but if you're anything like myself the angel speaks in a soft whisper...and often that whisper is drowned out by the devil on the other shoulder who is YELLING his opposing statements, broken up by an evil laugh thrown in for good measure.

"Who do you think YOU are anyway?"

"You don't belong here. PLEASE."

"You don't deserve this."

"They are SO much better than you anyway, HA!"

I've spent a lot of time with the mentality of 'you may have those negative thoughts, but you don't have to listen to them'. Well if your internal dialogue is anything like mine, the likelihood of ignoring those thoughts is slim to none. I've found a healthier way to deal with them and I hope sharing this will help you with your struggle too.

Turn your head, look that devil straight in the eye, and say "thanks for showing up. I hear you. I get why you're here. But there is no place here for you anymore."

The thoughts will be there. That dialogue is gonna happen. But acknowledging them and removing their power does marvelous things. Guess what? Do this enough times, you'll start to hear that angels encouragement loud and clear and the devils comments will be nothing but a far cry off in the distance. Sure, they'll sneak into the forefront of your mind once and awhile. Acknowledge them, understand they can be there and will likely show up again, then take away their power.

"You know, I think I'm gonna listen to the angel instead."

The disbelief your negative conscience will experience will be glorious. Soon enough, you'll welcome those thoughts only because of the joy you get in realizing they aren't so scary anymore. 

YOU control your thoughts. Don't let them control you. Start this now, and bit by bit, you'll be on a blazing path to achieving your goals. You might even surprise yourself.


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